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Anika Caldwell started Ankor in 2015 out of her house in NE Portland. She moved into an upstairs unit at Toast Studios building in May 2022. This woman owned small business is dedicated to offering specialty sewing services, with a one-on-one design approach. Anika brings heart and soul into every project detail from the beginning. She focuses on helping others find the best materials and making each piece shine!


Aside from fabricating custom marine canvas and cushions, Ankor has been busy creating van interior cushions, re-imagining outdoor patio spaces and works with architects and interior designers to transform commercial settings. Ankor's mission is to provide sewing services spanning from repairs to fully fabricate industrial strength covers for outdoor uses that require water resistance and uv protection. The company can source many suitable fabrics for any environment. 


Owner/ Fabricator Anika Caldwell hails from Portland, OR. She loves being around the water, outdoors and is very active in local and regional sailboat racing. After obtaining her BA in Graphic Design, working in the marine trades industry, her interest in patternmaking and designing with fabric became her focus. Her past roles in production and manufacturing for local companies ended in 2017 as she transitioned into running her sewing studio full time. Her detail oriented approach and natural ability to problem solve makes her a true collaborator and craftsperson at heart!


Having the privilege to work with a unique community of makers and artists over the years has strengthened the path for relationships with local businesses and collaborating opportunities all around the pacific northwest region! Boats have used her gear to travel the high sees to Alaska, Hawaii, California, Mexico and the Caribbean. Producing gear and products people will enjoy and rely on daily is truly the most rewarding part of her job, as well as collaborating with so many wonderful and unique people.

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