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patio enclosure


Schedule in-person meeting to discuss your project. We offer assistance ordering suitable fabrics and materials based on your needs and budget. Inquire for details to order samples and start the design process!



Practicing sustainability is important to us, so often we encourage fixing rather than throwing away. Whether it's old canvas item or retro furniture. We can replace broken zippers, fix tears in almost any fabric and replace cracked or yellowing windows. It's better to fix something before it gets worse. If your item is beyond repair, we'll let you know and discuss options for replacement. Repairs are billed hourly + materials. Call for estimates. We'll work with your budget if you're looking for a quick fix. Make sure your item is clean and wash off any dirt prior to bringing your item in for service. We may refuse to work with items that are not cleaned prior.



We can re-cover chairs and some furniture items (size restrictions apply.) We can also upgrade foam inserts if they are worn out. Looking for wood re-finishing or repainting? We can put you in touch with a professional in the area.



  • On site consultation, measuring & patterning
  • Fabric selection & discovery meetings
  • Cushions & Upholstery
  • Pillows (Covers & Inserts)
  • Foam replacement 
  • Boat Covers
  • Water Resistant Covers
  • Sunbrella Canvas Covers
  • Biminis
  • Window covers
  • Soft storage bags
  • Boom covers
  • Window vinyl & zipper replacement
  • Canvas repair and re-stitching
  • Patio Curtains and Wind / Rain Screens
  • Freelance Sewing Services
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